My Story

Shoot-the-Chute ride - 1908As a young man from Baden, working a temporary job in Ellwood City during the summer of 1970, I heard some amazing stories about the old amusement park that once stood on the land where the Connoquenessing Creek joined the Beaver River. The descriptions given to me by older residents of the region seemed more like imaginations… nearly unbelievable accounts of long-gone roller coasters and merry-go-rounds in a rustic woodland park "just over on that hill". Roller CoasterThey swore it was the truth, but unfortunately the land which held the old Rock Point Park was now under private ownership, and the owner did not permit the public onto the property. What I had hoped to see with my own eyes would not be possible, so I could only dream about what was there.

It’s been nearly 40 years since I first learned of that mysterious wonderland across the Connoquenessing Creek gorge from my workplace. The land has been inaccessible all that time, until recently, when it was opened to the public. When I first heard that the Pennsylvania Wild Waterways Conservancy had purchased The Peristyle building - 1909the land that once held the Rock Point Amusement Park, my heart raced with anticipation.

As I began exploring the historic site in the Fall of 2007, my excitement for the area grew. I needed to know more. Where were all the rides and buildings situated? What happened here? Why was there nothing left except a few scattered ruins? I needed to know. I needed answers.

Dancing PavillionDriven – I began my research. And I quickly realized that, if you looked hard enough, there was a great deal of detailed information available about the park. But the problem was, it was widely scattered… residing mainly in the local museums, libraries, and especially in the homes, hearts, and minds of a large number of local experts who share the passion for this remarkable place. My quest became one of consolidating all of this wonderful information into one Departing the excursion trainplace. I chose the Internet as the depository of this amazing collection of photos and documents that tell the story of the Park that once was…

On behalf of my friends who have helped me immensely with this project, the contributors who have donated information for this website, and myself… I thank you for visiting, and hope to learn that you too, have become a friend of Rock Point Park.