About this website

The purpose of this website is to offer a comprehensive look into Rock Point Park in Ellwood City, Pa… it’s origins, it’s history, and it’s current state. It is an open repository of information we have collected about the park. Visitors can read about the history of the park, and view present-day photographs, old Glass Box Souvenirpostcards, park memorabilia, documents, maps, etc.

Who are we? We are responsible and respectful citizens, just like you. We are not affiliated with any government agencies, public or private organizations, or commercial businesses. We are not professional historians, archaeologists, or published authors. We are private individuals who are passionate about local history, willing to put forth the effort to explore and research this remarkable story, and make our findings available to the public. We work closely with the Wild Waterways Conservancy and the Ellwood City Historical Society, as well as many prominent local historians to present, as clearly as possible, the amazing story of Rock Point Park. We have no interest in profiting from this effort. This website is the result of our love of history, and the information presented is intended for the education and enjoyment of our readers.

Drinking Fountain RuinsThere is still a great deal of research to be completed, and we will continue adding items of interest to the website as they become available. It is likely that this project will never really be finished. We earnestly reach out to you, seeking your help. If you have any information or items about Rock Point Park, we would love to talk to you about including them in the website. Please send us an email, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

A note on the images used on this website:  It is our belief that the old photos and postcards used on this website are, based on their origin, age, and historical importance, in the public domain. It is not our desire to infringe upon anyone’s copyright, if still in existence. If anyone can legally claim a copyright on any of the images posted here, please inform us and the image will be promptly removed. All recent photos are either the product of the editor, or have been donated specifically to this website with expressed permission to display them. All recent photos are copyright rockpointpark.com 2008, except for those donated. If you have an interest in a particular photograph, please contact us to learn about its availability. Some photos will require permission from 3rd party sources. Thank you!


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